DEM-NPL Chairman Bob Valeu Won’t Seek Re-Election

DEM-NPL Chairman Bob Valeu Won’t Seek Re-Election

(BISMARCK, ND) – North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party Chairman Bob Valeu publicly announced today that he will not seek another term as party chairman. Valeu originally informed the DEM-NPL Policy Committee of his decision to step down back in December. Valeu released the following statement:

“I’ve informed the Policy Committee of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL of my decision to not seek another term as party chairman. I began my political career in the 1960s as DEM-NPL executive director. When I was elected chair in 2013, my involvement in the DEM-NPL had come full circle. I knew at that time that our party would be in a building phase and I’m proud of what we’ve built together.

“We’ve expanded our donor base, promoted a new generation of DEM-NPL leaders, and stood up to the overreaching of the Republican Supermajority. In fact, in 2014, a year when Democrats across the nation struggled, North Dakota was one of seven states where Democrats picked up legislative seats. We’re now seeing many of the policies we advocated in the 2014 campaign become part of the policy discussion.

“Because of this, I’m ending my tenure as chairman confident in our party’s future. And I plan to stay involved to help ensure that future.”

DEM-NPL Executive Director Chad Oban also released the following statement thanking Valeu for his service to the party:

“Bob is one of our party’s most articulate advocates, smartest strategists, and dedicated leaders. His commitment to the DEM-NPL goes back to the early 1960s when he helped organize Young Democrats and later served as executive director.

“In the years that have followed, Bob has been a constant presence in almost every campaign, offering sage advice and sound strategy. He’s been a mentor to many and a friend to even more. We cannot begin to thank Bob for all he has done for our party. We know he will have more time to enjoy his retirement with his wife, Marge, and their family. But we also know that Bob will stay involved and we will continue to benefit from his advice and leadership.”


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