Statement on Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger

Statement on Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger

(BISMARCK, ND – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – SEPTEMBER 4, 2014) – Bob Valeu, Chairman of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party, released the following statement regarding recent events involving Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger.

“Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger is one of many individuals who is battling addiction. For his sake, we hope that he is able to overcome this personal challenge and address his issues. But Rauschenberger is a public figure who has admitted to poor judgment for his actions on Tuesday. And this makes it a public matter.

“There were already many unanswered questions yesterday. Today’s surprise decision by Rauschenberger to take a leave of absence, along with new information of his involvement in a traffic accident earlier on Tuesday morning, only raises more troubling questions. North Dakotans deserve answers to the following questions:

1) Why was Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger not at work on Tuesday afternoon and was instead at a stranger’s home when his vehicle was involved in a rollover in Mandan?

2) What happened between Rauschenberger’s first traffic accident at 8:21 AM on Tuesday and the second traffic accident at 2:50 PM later that same day?

3) Rauschenberger admitted that he has been struggling with addiction for several months. Was his addiction an issue when he served as Deputy Tax Commissioner and did the governor’s office know this when he was appointed Tax Commissioner last December?

4) How much time from work has Rauschenberger missed? What impact has his addiction had on his official responsibilities?

5) When did Rauschenberger first enter treatment? What kind of treatment has he received?

6) Was Rauschenberger under political pressure to conceal his addiction?

7) Is Rauschenberger legally culpable for negligent endangerment in having lent his vehicle to an intoxicated stranger?

8) Why are statements coming from Odney Advertising and not from the Tax Department? To what extent is Odney overseeing political damage control? How much contact is Odney having with the governor’s office?

9) Is Rauschenberger taking a leave of absence now because he was caught?

10) Who is in charge of the Tax Department now that Rauschenberger has taken a leave of absence?

“We are asking these questions because there must be full transparency and accountability in state government. We believe that the public has a right to know; and we have no doubt that if Rauschenberger were a Democrat, the Republicans would be asking these same questions.”


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