Axness: PSC has failed to serve North Dakota’s farmers

Axness: PSC has failed to serve North Dakota’s farmers

(FARGO, ND – AUGUST 6, 2014) – State Senator Tyler Axness, candidate for the North Dakota Public Service Commission, released the following statement today regarding the PSC’s failure to serve our state’s farmers.

“The Public Service Commission has failed time and again to protect North Dakota’s farmers. Not only have they failed to advocate for them when it comes to rail access, but a June 30th audit from the State Auditor’s office shows that they’ve failed our farmers when it comes to the basic buying and selling of grain in North Dakota.

“The audit reveaTyler-Axnessled that the PSC forgot about ensuring the grain our farmers buy and sell is adequately bonded. The audit revealed recovery of bonds ‘as little as $.06 on the dollar’ because they have not developed new protections to limit grain sellers’ risk. Moreover, the audit reveals the PSC does not have an adequate inspection and licensing process leaving the public and grain sellers at risk due to buyers going unlicensed in the state.

“The PSC’s failures when it comes to rail access are well known. With less than 100 days before the election, the two commissioners on the ballot have suddenly discovered there’s a rail backlog. Their survey is a stunt designed to give the appearance that the PSC is taking action. But all the survey really tells us is that they are out of ideas and out of touch. If you need any proof to how out of touch they are just look at the timing of their survey, which was sent out in mid-July, just weeks before harvest, and after numerous news reports that the railroads were thousands of cars short and weeks behind.

“It’s clear that the PSC has forgotten about our hard working farming families and the communities that rely on agriculture. Our farmers deserve better and that’s one of the reasons why I’m running for the PSC.”


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