Astrup proposes “Saluting Their Service” tax cut for active duty military and veterans

Astrup proposes “Saluting Their Service” tax cut for active duty military and veterans

(FARGO, ND) — Jason Astrup, the North Dakota Democratic-NPL endorsed candidate for Tax Commissioner, called on the North Dakota Legislature to enact an income tax exclusion for all active-duty and retired military service members who reside in North Dakota.

Astrup’s “Saluting Their Service Tax Cut” would provide an income tax exclusion for any portion of an active-duty military service member’s benefits and pay that are taxable on the taxpayer’s federal tax return, as well as an exclusion for any retirement benefits that are taxable on the veteran’s federal tax return. Along with Astrup’s call to end the Senior Citizen Tax, which collects income taxes on Social Security benefits, his Saluting Their Service plan offers additional tax relief to many North Dakota retirees.

Astrup poiJason Astrup (Head Shot)nted out that North Dakota is one of only eight (8) states in the country that tax 100% of military retirement benefits received. “Our military service members deserve our respect. We can extend that respect by incentivizing and rewarding them for their years of service and entice them to stay here in North Dakota when they enter the private sector. Keeping these dedicated individuals here in North Dakota will address our workforce needs and further boost our economy.”

North Dakota already provides an income tax exclusion for all National Guard and Reserve members who are activated for federal active duty service. This proposal would extend that exclusion to all active-duty military service members in North Dakota.

“Excluding active-duty pay from taxation in North Dakota is not only a good thing to do for what all these fine men and women do for us, it is the right thing to do. They signed up to put their lives on the line to protect our freedom. Excluding their income from tax here in North Dakota is another way we can say ‘thank you’ for all they do.”

Exempting veteran’s benefits from taxation would amount to an extra $1.8 million staying in the pockets of veterans every year. Exempting active duty military pay would allow $1.9 million a year to stay in the bank accounts of our military families throughout the state. “We must advance progressive tax policies that will benefit the people who safeguard North Dakota and our country. The state cannot continue to sit on a pile of money while avenues for common sense tax relief and funding for societal needs go unfinanced and unaddressed.”

“The Tax Commissioner needs to be an advocate of the people. It is wrong to use the position as a stepping-stone to another, more lucrative private sector job. It is about time we put someone back in the office who thinks of the needs of taxpayers rather than their own.”


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