April Fairfield Urges Voters to Vote No on Constitutional Measure 1

April Fairfield Urges Voters to Vote No on Constitutional Measure 1

Secretary of State candidate calls Constitutional Measure 1 “an unnecessary limitation” on North Dakotans’ democratic rights and principles.

(BISMARCK, ND – May 28, 2014) – Secretary of State candidate April Fairfield urged voters to vote against Measure 1 in the upcoming June 10th primary. Measure 1 is a proposed constitutional amendment that moves the filing deadline for initiated measures from 90 to 120 days before an election. Fairfield says that the measure is unnecessary limitation on North Dakotans’ right to self-determination through initiated measure.

“North Dakota has a proud history of citizen democracy. This tradition has served us well and acts as an important check on state government,” said Fairfield.

“Government can only take those rights away from the people so long as the people willingly give up those rights,” added Fairfield. “Measure 1 asks North Dakotans to voluntarily limit the time they now have to gather signatures to place a measure on the ballot.”

During the legislative session, Secretary of State Al Jaeger publicly expressed support for the proposed constitutional amendment. Fairfield says that Jaeger’s support is deeply troubling. “The Secretary of State is the custodian of our state’s democratic traditions and no tradition is greater than the principle of our citizens holding their elected officials accountable. If the Secretary of State will not defend our democratic rights and principles then who will?”

Fairfield says that Jaeger’s support for the measure showcases continued misplaced priorities by the 22-year incumbent. “We already know Jaeger has time management issues. This is the same official who closed his office during business hours so he could catch up on paperwork. That’s why I find it interesting that he supports a measure that limits the amount of time citizens have to gather signatures for an initiated measure because more time is needed for the review process. We simply should not limit our democratic rights because the Secretary of State has time management issues. Rather than change our constitution, we should change our Secretary of State.”

“As Secretary of State I will always stand up for every citizen’s right to initiate measures and hold state government accountable,” promised Fairfield. “That means I will stand up against any efforts in the Legislature that will undermine or limit our constitutional right to initiate or refer.”

Fairfield, a Bush Foundation Leadership Fellow, is the North Dakota Democratic-NPL candidate for Secretary of State. She is a non-profit executive director. Fairfield served in the North Dakota Senate from 2002 to 2006 and in the North Dakota House of Representatives from 1996 to 2002.

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