Poll: Agriculture Commissioner’s Race is Tied

Poll: Agriculture Commissioner’s Race is Tied

Ryan Taylor leads by double-digits in oil producing areas, gets 17% support from Republicans. Poll conducted by same pollster who accurately predicted Sen. Heitkamp’s election.

(BISMARCK, ND – May 20, 2014) – The North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party released new poll numbers today showing the race for North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner tied.

The poll finds North Dakota Democratic-NPL candidate Ryan Taylor and incumbent Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring tied, with each garnering 36% support with a large number of voters undecided. The poll was conducted by The Mellman Group, which accurately predicted Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s upset victory in the 2012 election. The poll found that Taylor is competitive across North Dakota and is well positioned to break one-party Republican control of state government.

“Everybody has suspected that the Agriculture Commissioner’s race was going to be one of the most competitive races this year,” said Chad Oban, Executive Director of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party. “This poll confirms just how competitive it really is. It’s clear that Taylor’s common sense message is resonating with North Dakotans across our state, including both Republican and Independent voters.

Oban said there are two additional key take-aways from the poll. “It’s obvious that North Dakotans want more political balance in state government. They’ve seen that one-party rule has been good for the Republicans but they see it failing to meet our state’s new challenges. North Dakotans don’t see one-party rule working when grain shipments are backed up for weeks due to railroad delays. They don’t see it when radioactive filter socks are discovered in abandoned buildings. And they can literally feel the failure when they drive on our crumbling roads.

“Also, it seems that many North Dakotans are troubled by the extremely high staff turnover and mismanagement of the Agriculture Department under Goehring. As Ryan Taylor says, agriculture is our first industry, and North Dakotans want a leader who will not only champion that industry but who will also restore respect to that important office,” said Oban.


Mellman Group Memo-ND Agriculture Commissioner’s Race (May 20, 2014)

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