Statement on Dalrymple’s Property Tax Task Force

Statement on Dalrymple’s Property Tax Task Force


(BISMARCK, ND) – Bob Valeu, Chairman of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party released the following statement today on Governor Dalrymple’s decision to appoint a property tax task force:

“Today’s announcement is another example of Governor Dalrymple reacting to events rather than leading. Property taxes, the failure to address western infrastructure needs and the lack of proper oil development oversight, are major examples of where one party rule is failing our state.

“The Republicans have controlled both the legislature and the governor’s office for the last 20 years. Property taxes have been an issue in each of the last four legislative sessions. And the Republican Supermajority claims they fixed the problem after each session. House Majority Leader Al Carlson still thinks everything is fine. Today’s announcement is clearly an admission that the Republican Supermajority has failed and further proof that we need balance back in state government. Yet Dalrymple continues to double down on the same one-party rule that has gotten us into this mess. Like Al Carlson, who ended more than 30 years of bipartisan leadership of the interim legislative process, Dalrymple has excluded North Dakota Democratic legislators from this task force.

“Dalrymple prefers governing by task force. Al Carlson’s Republican Supermajority prefers governing by hyper-partisanship. Fortunately, the voters will have an opportunity next November to restore balance and bring back common sense to state government.”


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